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I have been involved with photography and publishing most of my adult life, most recently as a professional retoucher for many years. Now I am spending a lot of time traveling, taking photos, and completing the process by printing them myself. My intent is to show you or anyone the final image on paper, but, this is a great way for anyone to see my photos using that ubiquitous device most of us have in our hands, or on our desks.

If you are interested in seeing one of my prints, don't hesitate to contact me, and that might be able to be arranged if you are within a reasonable distance from Ridgefield, Ct., where I presently live. Otherwise, we are all at the mercy of various shipping companies. Just be aware that an image on paper will never look the same as an image on your computer or phone screen. It certainly will be much larger than the latter. The panoramic images in the gallery can print as much as five or so feet wide (at 16.5 inches high).

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Michael Mielech


Photos by Harriet VanKleeck

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